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Conformance Management Assoc., LLC

Conformance Management Associates, LLC (CMA) is the solution to your plant's conformance management needs and reporting requirements.

Providing Solutions for Chemical Management

CMA LLC and its associates comprise an experienced team of chemical, health and safety, quality and environmental professionals. We are dedicated to ensuring the most cost effective and environmentally sound use of chemical type products in your facility. We offer a variety of services to ensure a comprehensive management program tailored to your facility needs that can encompass the following (As seen in other pages of this website):

Quality Management _  _ Quality management systems that can include ISO 9001, TS-
16949, ISO 13485, AS 9100 and variations of these standards. These are programs that will identify areas of potential quality problems and enable you to take the needed corrective action.
Environmental Management   Environmental management systems that can include ISO 14001 
and variations of this type of program to enable you to identify areas of potential risk. Once these risks are identified, we can help you to implement programs to minimize those risks
Health and Safety Management   Health and safety management systems that can include OHSAS 
18001 and variations of this type of program to enable you to identify areas of potential health and safety risks. Once these risks are identified, we can assist you in implementation of programs to minimize these risks.
Business Management   We can assist you in a variety of areas of your business where our 
personnel has experience in purchasing, accounting, etc. to ensure that your facility functions as smoothly as possible. An overall coordinated management system that takes all area of operation into account ensures the best results.

Benefits of CMA LLC Services

CMA LLC has the experience to help you identify and correct your safety, quality and environmental issues while simultaneously saving you money. Several years of experience in chemical management programs in a major auto company enables us to provide the following:

  • Reduced risk and effort associates with regulatory compliance and the documentation needed.
  • Cost reductions of 20-30% can be obtained from the proper use of natural resources and other fixed costs. Items identified through cost reduction audits.
  • Reduced downtime expenses by ensuring smother operation.
  • Increased revenue potential because your facility is recognized as a safe and environmentally friendly operation.
  • You will work with a small company with one contact to handle all of your needs.

CMA LLC Features 

Please review the other pages of our website. They describe in more detail the complete coverage of all of your environmental, health and safety and quality needs. Our staff is trained and experienced in all of these areas and can act as a general contractor for your needs in these areas.

Our services generally include the following features:

  • Customized programs based on a detailed plant survey of needs
  • Improvements in inventory and materials handling
  • Regular computerized monitoring of your program’s progress
  • Data generation and clear, usable reports for all areas of concern

We help you to conform to management program standards and good management practices. Let us put our years of expertise to work for you toward the continuous improvement of your operations. Please contact us so that we can work together to address your facility needs and manage your unresolved safety, environmental and quality issues.

CMA LLC Service Area – Continually Expanding

Conformance Management Associates LLC is located in Plymouth, Michigan, not too far from the Detroit Metro Airport. We have supplied our consulting services on a cost competitive basis to clients in: Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, South Carolina, and Texas. We are always happy to expand to other states.

With proper planning and lead time, travel time and costs can be kept to a minimum and be quoted as part of the overall consulting fee at a fixed rate. Our experience and abilities can make us a cost effective source for your environmental, health and safety and quality needs. Our cost reduction experience and service can also assist you in implementation of cost reduction projects in your facility to further improve your bottom line.

Contacting Us

NOTE: Contact us for your environmental, health and safety and quality needs. If we do not supply the service you desire, we will help you (at no charge) to locate a supplier of the needed service.